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Renewed museum service prices
Festival of Experimental Archeology "Days of Living Archeology in Kernavė 2020" is canceled


The museum is open to the public again


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Renewed museum service prices 2020-05-27

 Since 2020 June 1rd the service fees of the Kernavė Archaeological Site Museum are changing:





ADULT  – 3 €


FAMILY (1 or 2 adults and up to 3 children) – 7 €


FREE ADMISSION: Children under  7, Disabled and Carer for disabled, ICOM/EXARC members.


GUIDED TOUR – 25,00 €


Festival of Experimental Archeology "Days of Living Archeology in Kernavė 2020" is canceled 2020-05-15



Regarding the XXI International Festival of Experimental Archeology "Days of Living Archeology in Kernavė" in July 4-6  cancellation


Dear visitors, performers, sponsors, partners, colleagues,


For 20 years we have all been together in organizing the international festival of experimental archeology “Days of Living Archeology in Kernavė” dedicated to the State Day - Mindaugas Coronation Day. The festival has become an event for all of us. This year, our 21st meeting had to take place, where the distant historical past would once again be spoken alive, and cultural values ​​reminiscent of the beginning of Lithuania would be revealed.


In the face of the Coronavirus (COVID - 19) pandemic, taking responsibility for the safety of all of us, we must report with regret that we are canceling the traditional Festival of Living Archeology Days in Kernavė this year.


We truly thank everyone who was preparing for this year’s celebration. Let's be healthy and look forward to seeing you at the XXI Festival of Living Archeology in Kernavė in July 2021.


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Administration of State Cultural Reserve of Kernavė

The museum is open to the public again 2020-04-28



Dear visitors,


We are pleased to announce that with the start of the second phase of quarantine easing, in 2020 May 2 (Saturday) we will open the door again and wait for you in the Kernavė Archaeological Site Museum.


The territory of the State Cultural Reserve of  Kernavė and the open-air exposition can be visited in accordance with the quarantine conditions and requirements approved by the Government.

We actively encourage you to comply with the requirements set by the Government and the Minister of Health, the Head of State Operations for Emergencies at the State Level, and to become acquainted with the actions we take at the museum to reduce the risk of the virus spreading.


Recommendations for visitors:

- Pay with a bank card.

- Attend groups of up to 2 people, excluding family members;

- Keep a safe distance of 2 meters in the museum.

- Disinfect your hands (you will find disinfectant in the museum).

- Wear protective masks.

- Follow the rules of sneezing and coughing etiquette.


The museum staff takes care of your safety and ensures the following:

- Museum surfaces, exterior door handles, billing plates are disinfected at least once an hour.

- We ventilate the premises at least once an hour.

- We have temporarily suspended our audio guide service during this period.

- We service by wearing protective masks and gloves.

- At the box office of the museum, we marked safe recommended distances between visitors.

- We disinfect sanitary premises at least once an hour.

- We do not recommend visiting people at risk.

 -For the safety of visitors and staff, we will limit the flow of visitors to the museum in order to avoid crowds.


Only together, through our conscious and responsible behavior, can we contribute to reducing the risk of the virus spreading.



Let's protect each other.